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Chapter Four

Levi led Luna by the hand to the throne where Historia was waiting, with Commander in Chief Zackley standing by her side.  Stopping in front of the steps leading to the throne, Levi let go of Luna’s hand.  The female in turn, performed a curtsey while the Lance Corporal bowed.  Historia regarded her former superiors with a smile on her face then gave a small nod, before gesturing for the Squad Leader and Corporal to pay their respects to the rest of the nobility who were present in Luna’s debut into society.  Levi took her hand and both spun around, and doing the same curtsey and bow that they offered Historia seconds ago.

It was then announced that the buffet is ready.  Most nobles opted to have drinks instead, having eaten dinner before coming into the party.  Luna and Levi however was a different story.  They had spent the whole afternoon in preparation for this.  Sure, they might have had a few snacks but it felt like a long time ago, and it took Luna a lot of self-control not to let her stomach grumble as she was being presented to her royal highness.  Now that all of that is over and done with, Luna is taking no more shit that may prevent her from getting any food as she tugged at Levi’s sleeve, pulling the equally hungry Corporal to the buffet table.  The raven-haired man grumbled in protest as he saw small wrinkles forming in his immaculate court uniform, but it was short-lived as Luna shoved a plate into his hand.  Both officers quietly filled the small plates they had with a variety of tapas and both grabbed a glass of wine and pushed through the crowd to the bar tables set up at the sides of the ballroom.

Both were silently eating their food when they were approached by a tall and built blonde man, escorting a slender woman with shoulder-length brown hair set in loose curls.

“Mind if we join you?” Erwin asked with his usual half-smile and patting Levi on his shoulder, earning a grunt from the short man.

“You look really beautiful today, Luna!  I didn’t recognize you!” Hanji said, giving Luna a bone-crushing hug and holding her at an arm’s length, studying every detail of her hair, makeup and gown.

“I see that you have washed yourself especially for today, shitty glasses.” Levi remarked, taking in Hanji’s form which was dressed in a yellow trumpet-cut haltered dress.  Her hair was out of its usual pony tail and was set in loose curls that tumbled down her shoulders.  Over her dress, she wore a green sash with white trims, pinned to her side with an elaborate brooch of an emerald set at the center of a cross and surrounded by smaller crystals, signifying her position in the military.

“You look dapper yourself, Levi.” Hanji smiled, turning back to the table and taking a swig of wine.

“I never thought you’d make it, actually.” Luna commented, taking her fork again and continuing her eating as if she was not just attacked by her commander.

“Why would we miss this occasion, Luna?  It’s not every day you see your rough squad leader get introduced to the whole of Sina and deemed ready for marriage.” Erwin replied.  The man was also wearing a full court uniform, though much more military-styled than what Levi was wearing, with a gold collar with a red stripe at the middle.  He wore a gold belt over his coat and trousers with golden stripes at the sides.  He also had a simple rapier hung on his right side.  Erwin was wearing a sash of gold and red stripes over his shoulder, which was pinned with a cross brooch similar to Hanji’s but with a ruby set at the center instead of an emerald.

“I just thought you would have better things to do than mingle with all the nobles here.” Luna replied, casting her eyes down.  She was honestly grateful that her superiors took the time to be in her court presentation.  It was not that she does not feel that they cared for her, it just felt as if she was being thrown headfirst into the water, being surrounded with the same people who thought that their job was just a waste of taxes, yet sponsoring a huge party afterward after the last of the titans in the outside world has fallen. It was a big comfort for her to see these familiar faces share one of the most important events of her life with her.

All too soon, music started playing, signaling for the dancing to start.  Erwin offered his hand to Luna, and led her into the dance floor.  Usually, a debutante’s father would be her first dance, but seeing as Luna had already lost her family, Erwin took it upon himself, as her former commander, to be her first dance.  Levi watched from the bar table as Erwin led the Squad leader into a slow waltz in tune with the music.  He was too keen on observing how they moved and spun across the floor, that he did not take it lightly when he felt Hanji elbowing him.  Not that he takes anything lightly.

“Hey, Levi!” Hanji whispered audibly.

“No.” Levi scowled and continued watching as Erwin handed Luna a rose from a basket set at a pedestal at the sidelines, and gave her hand over to a young man who handed her a rose as well and placed her hand over his shoulder to start their dance.  Levi saw Erwin heading back to their table and nodded at his superior.

“You should be getting ready to dance, you know” the blonde man said, taking another glass of wine from a passing waiter’s tray.

“I am her last dance.  There’s no need to hurry.  And why are there eighteen men all in all when she is fucking twenty-three?” Levi scowled sipping his own wine.

“Debuts like this usually happen when a girl turns eighteen.  It’s traditional.” Erwin said as his hand dove into his pocket and retrieved a small velvet box.  Levi turned his gaze at the box, cocking an eyebrow at the blonde.

“I got you this to help you with Luna.” The former commander said, handing Levi the box and the short man opening it to find a silver ring with a princess cut diamond in the middle.  This only led to further confusion on the raven-haired man’s part as he stared from Erwin to Hanji and back, demanding an explanation.

“It’s her engagement ring, silly.” Hanji smiled, nudging Levi who scowled at her.  “I know we’re just doing this for the benefit of the Survey Corps, but at least we have to make it believable.  Give it to her when you propose.  Girls like diamonds a lot.”

“Tch.  What a waste of money.” Levi stated, pocketing the box and walking off to where Luna was being passed among the young men.  She was at the thirteenth dance now, and was feeling a bit tired after dancing and making small talk with several men she could hardly recall the names of.  On her fifteenth dance, she saw Levi edging closer to the basket of roses, and felt relieved that it will soon be over.

Time seemed to stop as the seventeenth dance came to a stop and Luna’s partner held her by the hand awaiting Levi as he slowly approached them, holding the last rose in his hand.  The man holding Luna’s hand gave it to Levi and smiled at the corporal who merely nodded in acknowledgement.  He handed Luna the rose, and the Squad Leader accepted it with a smile, placing it on her other hand with the rest of the roses given to her by the other men earlier.  Without any words, Luna placed her arms around Levi’s neck and started dancing, as the orchestra started playing a slow tune.

Levi stared intently at Luna, finally having the chance to observe her this close tonight.  She did look different.  While in the military, she always looked like a new recruit, even after spending more than ten years in it, including her years in training. Though one could not deny that underneath that youthful look, she bore more scars than the recruits.  Her eyes always had that steely glance of determination whenever they go outside the walls for an expedition.  She could make decisions on the spot and knows when to save a comrade or risk their lives for the cause.  She has learned not to blush whenever a man dresses in front of her, and has learned to dress as well into her uniform in front of the other sex without batting an eyelash.  

Looking at her now, it was almost impossible to see how the life at the military has hardened her but, Levi being one of them, was able to detect these subtle signs.  Her posture, though it held grace was stiff as if lining up for inspection, just as they were trained to do back in the academy.  Her eyes do not hold the innocence which can be found on most noble women her age.  They were the eyes of someone who has seen the horrors outside the walls as well as countless deaths of their comrades.  Her muscles underneath her dress were well-developed from all those years of using the 3D Maneuver Gear.  All of these aside, Levi could not help but agree with Hanji that Luna looked particularly stunning tonight.  Not that he shall admit it to the woman out loud, but for the first time in years, Levi acknowledged that a woman could be attractive in a dress, and a little part of him took pride that he was the one who helped the woman before him dress up earlier.  Now that was something the other men had not seen.  Usually, Levi would scoff at how inconvenient dresses were in women but this night, he doesn’t really mind, though maybe it was the booze already taking over his thoughts.

The music ended as Levi and Luna spun around a final time.  The broke apart, and bowed to the crowd around them who started clapping their hands obligingly.  The rest of the night was a haze as Luna was taken away from the company of her military friends by several noble men, making small talks and trying to introduce her to their sons who were eligible bachelors in the community.  Erwin smiled and Hanji chuckled to herself as she watched Levi scowl at the sight of Luna smiling and talking with young noble men who were hopelessly trying to flirt with her.  As the evening passed, several people began to leave and soon, Luna approached Levi, Hanji and Erwin at their table.

“This is tiring.  I can’t stand those men at all!” Luna said, taking a glass of wine from one of the few remaining waiters roaming about.  “All they ever talk about was their life learning how to dance, how to fence and all that stuff.  I bet their fencing would not help them if Eren suddenly decides to body slam Sina again.” The squad leader scoffed, downing the rest of her wine in one go.  Hanji laughed at this, while Erwin managed to maintain his composure as he offered Luna a smile.

“Surely, you must have had a type from all those men introduced to you tonight?” Hanji asked, a gleam of curiosity in her eyes.

“Not a chance.  Sure, they don’t look half as bad as some other cadets we’ve had lately, but I don’t think I would ever feel secure if I ever have to be married to one of them.  Like I said, they are all pussies.  I don’t think they can even defend themselves properly, let alone their wife, if somebody was to come and brandish a knife in front of them.  I want to feel safe with whoever will be my husband.  I think I deserve that after fighting for myself and for humanity for so long.  After all, every girl wants a protector no matter how tough they may be.” Hanji smiled at this, placing a hand on the Squad Leader’s shoulder while Erwin gave Levi a subtle wink.

“I think we should leave now as well, don’t you think, Hanji?” Erwin asked a few moments later, checking his pocket watch for the time.

“A-ah! Yes!  Thank you for tonight, Luna!  I’ll see you soon at the headquarters!” The brunette said, her hand snaking around Erwin’s arm as they both waved their goodbyes to Levi and Luna.

“Let’s go. “ Levi told Luna, cocking his head to the back doors where they entered earlier.  “Unless you want to stay and clean up.  I’m going.  I’m feeling tired as hell and this uniform is too hot.” Without waiting for Luna, Levi turned and made for the doors, already loosening his cravat in the process.  Luna ran after him, not wanting to be left behind with all those people.


Luna sat in front of her dresser, towel-drying her hair.  She wore a simple white button down shirt and gray sleeping shorts.  She had just taken a bath so now her hair was free from all the intensive styling it went through that afternoon and back to its original state.  Luna ran a comb through her slightly damp locks, determined to dry them through before going to bed, when she heard a knock on her door.  Thinking that it could be May, the maid assigned to her, coming to ask if she needed anything before going to bed, she called out for the person to come in.

The person, however, was not May.  It was Levi who entered her room and closed the door behind him.  Luna turned in her seat in front of the dresser to look at the man slowly approaching her.  He was wearing a black tank top, showing some of the scars he has along his built arms.  He was wearing a pair of grey drawstring sweatpants, with his hands in its pockets.  The corporal stopped right in front of her, causing her to crane her neck to look at Levi in the face as he stared down at her, that expressionless face not giving away any of his intentions for coming into her room this late at night.

“Hey, Levi.  What’s up?” Luna asked as she gave the corporal a smile she knew he would never return.  She then shifted her glance into his hand as he withdrew a small velvet box from his pocket and set it on her dresser table.  Luna gingerly picked up the box, her hands shaking as she traced the edge of the lid with her thumb, too scared to open it.  “W-what’s this?”

“Your engagement ring, idiot.  Now that you’ve been presented to court, that makes you eligible for marriage.  And, as agreed back in the headquarters, I am asking for your hand in marriage.” Levi explained, and when he saw that Luna did not make any move to open the box, he cocked an eyebrow at her. “Well?”

Luna slowly opened the lid of the box with shaky fingers, and gasped audibly as she took in the details of the beautiful ring inside.  A part of her was happy in receiving a diamond ring.  It has always been her dream to receive one as her engagement ring, though she had pushed that thought to the very back of her mind, making her duties as a military woman her top priority.  A part of her was sad, however, that the engagement was just a political marriage to benefit the Survey Corps.  She would have hoped for a more romantic proposal from a man she loves, filled with roses, sweet music and tearful speeches about how his love for her has helped him come to a decision to marry her.  Sitting here, wearing her sleep clothes, in front of a man whom she only sees as her superior, with him asking her to marry him in a rather commanding fashion was not really the way to go.  Levi clicked his tongue as Luna continued to ogle at the ring.  He took the ring from its box and took Luna’s left hand and put the ring on her ring finger.  Luna only stared at the ring on her finger, admiring the effect of it on her hand and stared up at Levi.

“There.  Now those stupid assholes will know that you belong to someone.” Levi stated, and patted Luna's shoulder as he turned and left her alone, still trying to process what just happened.  Levi opened the door, but before he left, he turned and smirked at the Squad leader.

“Let’s see what their weak asses could do now that you’re engaged.”
[SnK - LevixOC] Affairs of the State - Chapter 4
Cosplay season is finally over, but I've been really really busy with work and it was only lately that I found the time to write this again.  This is me desperately trying not to abondon a fic again. :)

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Ladykiller of the Seven Seas by mydeadlylover
Ladykiller of the Seven Seas
because we managed to make the soap opera morning-after type of lighting happen, hence the smooth and glowing maybe it's maybelline skin. haha! I'm waaaay to happy with this shot for my own good!

Character: Sinbad
Series: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Costume, props, makeup and wig styling by me
Chapter Three

Footsteps thundered down the hallway as Levi marched impatiently toward Luna’s room.  The man huffed as he reached the ornate double doors leading to the female’s chambers in the royal palace and did not even bother to knock as he pushed one door open and entered the room, where he was met with a squeal from one of the maids assigned to tend to Luna for the evening.  Levi turned to close the door behind him and took in the scene he walked into.

Luna was only wearing her bloomers, with a tight cream-colored corset around her torso, which was currently being laced when Levi entered.  Luna was already wearing white stockings which were kept up by clasps attached to the garters of her corset.  The squad leader was bent over a Cleopatra sofa with her hands holding on to the arm rest to keep her from moving as the maid tries to put on the lacing of her corset through its hoops.  Levi clicked his tongue and reached into his pocket for his watch to check the time for the umpteenth time that night.  Levi could never see the reason as to why this event has to happen in the first place, and he hated that he had to wait for his brat of a colleague to finish getting ready before he gets over the whole ordeal and turn in for the night.

It has been two weeks since Levi and Luna, accompanied by Erwin Smith, arrived at the capitol at Sina.  They were welcomed into the royal palace by the queen’s guards, and were told that they shall be meeting with the queen for lunch that same day.  The said lunch was spent with Luna, chatting away with Queen Reiss, or Historia as Luna called her, catching up with the latest news about each other.  The two got along pretty well even after it was revealed that Historia was part of the real royal family, and it was evident that the two had missed each other’s friendship.   Erwin and Levi kept quiet the whole time, until it was time to end the lunch meeting.  Erwin was the first to speak up, updating Historia about the preparations for Luna’s court presentation, as well as the restoration of the Castillo estate.  Historia only nodded in acknowledgement, and told one of the royal butlers to show Luna and Levi to their respective rooms in the palace, where they would be staying until the Castillo estate is fit for habitation again.

Luna soon discovered that the cleaning abilities of the maids from the palace were not up to Levi’s standards.  They went into Luna’s quarter first, as Levi insisted on helping her bring her things to the room in order to see if the place is clean enough.  The short corporal clicked his tongue as he set down the suitcases he carried for Luna and removed his jacket, hanging it inside the closet and instructing the squad leader to do the same so that they can start cleaning the filthy place up before she unpacks.  The squad leader did not protest as she knew that resisting will only result in her getting all the cleaning work for herself.  She was just grateful that Levi is actually helping her with the cleaning. After scrubbing, dusting, and polishing the whole room from top to bottom, Levi was finally satisfied with its cleanliness and left with a small ‘good job’ to Luna, and carried his own suitcases to his own quarters at the end of the hallway, probably to do the same level of cleaning to it as well.

The next few days after that was spent in the preparations for Luna’s court presentation.  Most of it was already arranged by the palace officers as Erwin had informed them, and the only things left was for Luna to get a dress for the occasion.  To Levi’s dismay, he also had to get himself a court uniform, seeing as he was delegated by Erwin to be Luna’s escort.  The man screamed at the tailors to get their filthy hands off him when they took their measurements, and refused to take part in it until they go and wash themselves.  Levi hated the new trend of people not taking baths every day, and would crinkle his nose at the strong perfume that the nobles used to cover up their smell, saying that the military men had more hygiene than the whole of Sina put together, and these tailors were no exception from his contempt for the people who chose to neglect their personal hygiene for the health benefits that some stupid person claimed to be true.  It was not until Luna stepped in, offering to take his measurements, that the tailors managed to get the corporal to comply and finally get his court uniform started, and Levi was actually impressed on how well the uniform fitted him during his final fitting.  It was a black full court uniform.  The waistcoat was made of black silk velvet, and trimmed with cut steel buttons, containing the wings of freedom insignia of the Survey Corps.  A black vest and a dress shirt with lace-trimmed cuffs were worn underneath, and finished with a ruffled cravat to the neck.  Hanging on his right shoulder was a green sash with white trimmings, and pinned to his left side with a ribbon from which a badge consisting of a grand cross bearing the Wings of Freedom in the middle, showing everyone who may see it that the man wearing it is a high-ranking officer in the Survey Corps.  Levi was also provided with a rapier, with an intricately-designed hilt to hang on his left side.

Levi crossed his arms as he stared at the female before him, who was still in her undergarments, getting her corset laced up by a jumpy maid.  The squad leader already had her hair and makeup done, with the crown in a poof, leaving her bangs and the rest of her long hair which was done in loose curls trailing down.  Luna wore a thin headband with gems dotting along it and finished at both ends with medium-sized silk flowers, decorated with small strings of pearls and thin ribbons.  Her makeup was done with a bit of kohl to emphasize her eyes, finished with what the corporal assumed was fake eyelashes.  A light dusting of blush was on her cheeks, and her lips were a light pink, instead of the usual red lipstick which the corporal hates a lot.  To finish it off, Luna wore a lace choker with gold trimmings along the edges and a large pearl at the middle.  Levi would never admit it, but he actually thought that Luna looked quite pretty with the way she looks now.  He was so used to her looking so rough and always ready for battle, with her Survey Corps uniform and 3D Maneuver Gear strapped to her harnesses.  Luna usually wore her light brown locks in a tight bun at the top of head and in all their years in the military, Levi never really saw her wear it down.  It was refreshing to actually see her dolled up, even just for the night.

Levi clicked his tongue again, quirking an eyebrow at the squad leader’s direction.
“And how long are you planning to stay in here wearing just your underwear?”  Luna did not flinch when the corporal walked into her wearing just her undergarments.  They had spent a long time in the military, sometimes sharing the showers during the crunch time before and after an expedition as well treating each other’s wounds in the battlefield, that they were pretty comfortable in standing in just their underwear in front of their brothers in arms.

“I’m sorry.  May here is just new, so she’s still figuring out how to lace up a corset.  It’s not like I can do it myself, you know.” Luna smiled, making her attending maid blush in embarrassment at the mention of her shortcoming.

“Tch, at this rate, your party would be over without you.  You!” Levi barked at the maid who jumped at the man’s glare.  “I’ll take over from here.  Go clean somewhere else.  You may go now.” And with that, the maid hurried to get out of the room, without even questioning why a male would be allowed to help Luna lace her corset and dress her up in general.   Levi walked over to Luna and started putting the ribbons of her corset through the loops with skilled fingers.  Luna hummed in interest.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were knowledgeable about doing this whole corset thing.”

“I saw nobles do this back when I was living underground.” Levi responded, as he began tightening the corset around Luna.  “Tell me how tight you want it to be.” The corporal said as he pulled the ribbons tighter.

“Ugh, I think that’s enough.  My breasts are already up to my neck!” Luna said, waving a hand, indicating that Levi should already stop pulling.  The corporal complied and began tying the ribbons securely at her back.  Once Levi was done, Luna stood up and walked over the floor-length mirror placed near her dresser, and observed herself while adjusting the corset around the breast area, surprised that such a thing could give her that much cleavage.

“Oi brat, where is your petticoat?” Levi asked, glaring at Luna who was still admiring herself in front of the mirror.

“Sorry, it’s by the bed.” Luna said and followed Levi to the bed.  Levi undid the ties of the heavy petticoat, and held the waistband open, nodding at Luna to have her step into it so he could pull it over to her waist and secure it there.  Luna did so, and Levi did the rest, tying the ribbon at the waistband and making sure that it would not fall off for the rest of the night.  He then walked over to the bed, and opened up the box containing Luna’s dress.

“I can’t believe I’ll be helping a brat like you dress up.  Erwin should be paying me extra.” Levi said, as he pulled the dress over Luna, and zipped it up at her back.  He then led her back to the floor length mirror and rearranged her hair back to its original form before the dress was pulled over her head.  Going the extra mile, Levi took the shoes which were set beside the mirror and went down on one knee, to help Luna wear them.
Luna admired her dressed up form in front of the mirror, noting how different she looked from her usual military getup.  Her dress was a floor-length Tudor gown made of off-white silk with white lace and gold trimmings.  Ribbons lined up vertically on the front panel of her bodice. The skirt was made of white silk which was embroidered in gold and finished off with white lace trimmings, and covered at the sides and back with the off-white material of the gown.  Her bell sleeves were also finished off with elaborate layers of white lace from the elbow up to her wrists.  White lace embroidered with silvery flowers lined her bodice up to her feet and was outlines with gold trimmings.  A dark blue sash with a red outline hung over her right shoulder, and pinned into her left side with a ribbon with a silver grand ross, bearing the insignia of the Survey Corps in the middle, signifying her position as a noble, and as a military woman.  She sighed, giving herself another once over, before walking over to Levi who already had the door of her room open.

“You should be leading me into the court.” Luna teased, feeling a bit more comfortable with herself, and also confident that Levi will be a bit more gentle with her now that she is wearing this heavy dress.  Levi only clicked his tongue, and offered Luna a hand, and led her to the holding area at the second floor, where they were instructed to go to after they were done with their preparations.

They were led to the double doors leading into the main ballroom of the palace.  Luna pressed her ear to the wooden surface to hear the faint sounds of the people at the party, while gripping onto Levi’s hand tightly.  Levi could feel the coldness of her palms through his white gloves.  She was that nervous.

“Shithead, stop holding my hand so tightly.  We’re not going on an expedition, what makes you so fucking nervous?” Levi said a bit too harshly which made Luna let go of his hand, and wipe it on her dress.  

“I’m just worried I would make a mess out of myself out there.  I don’t belong there.  I’m a soldier.  Not a fucking noble.” Luna said, fingering her curls nervously, as she gave Levi a side-glance to see if he was angry with her.  

One of the guards approached them, telling them that they will be called into the ballroom in a few minutes, and the squad leader took a deep breath and straightened her posture.  The Lance Corporal offered his hand to Luna, and she took it and gave him a small smile.  Levi squeezed her hand, as her presence was announced to the court.  The double doors were opened, bathing the squad leader and the corporal with the light from the ballroom.  Levi tugged lightly at Luna’s hand and led her into the grand ballroom.

All of the beautifully dressed nobles were lined at the side giving them a round of applause as Levi led Luna to the throne where Historia was sitting.  Luna could hear some whispers from the nobles commenting on how the both of them looked.   She smiled as she heard the people comment on how beautiful her dress was, and even more on how Humanity’s Strongest was actually a very handsome man.

A/N: Levi’s dress was inspired by THIS and Luna’s was based off Hizaki’s Curse of Virgo dress.  

Court Uniforms are used by military men as replacement for their usual military uniform when attending formal functions.  A great example of the use of Court Uniforms is Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.

A bit of research told me that in traditional court presentations or debuts, girls wore white gowns, which gave me a bit of a shock, then I realized that these parties were held so that society will know that the girl is ready for marriage.  You could probably say that it was a sneak peek on how they would look like wearing the white dress. Lol.  In my country, debutantes have more control over what design and color of gown they wear.  Heck, some even have a ton of outfit changes during the party, though it is usually the family who organizes these type of parties for their daughters, so none of that signing up and approving process in a formal debut.  

Sashes and badges.  These are for high ranking officials who were either issued an order from the royal court or holds high-ranking positions in the government/military.  Military women’s traditional court uniforms are boring in my opinion, and it is just not something that a girl should be wearing on her debut, so I opted for the sashes and badges.  I did not go into much research anymore regarding the relationship of the design of the sash and badge with the position that an individual holds, so I pretty much just assigned colors for Luna and Levi’s sashes.  Blue for Luna, since she technically holds a place in the royal court, and I have seen many royalties wearing blue sash, while green for Levi since that is the color of the military, or more specifically, the Survey Corps (This is based on the colors of the bolo ties worn by the commanding officers of each branch.  Erwin was wearing green.).

I decided to chop this chapter up into two parts, seeing that describing the clothes and all the formalities took a lot of space.  So, in the next chapter which I will be publishing shortly after this, we get to see the party, and a new development in Luna and Levi’s relationship.
[SnK - LevixOC] Affairs of the State - Chapter 3
Cosplay season is finally over, but I've been really really busy with work and it was only lately that I found the time to write this again.  This is me desperately trying not to abondon a fic again. :)

Chapter One
Chapter Two


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no probs :))
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Thank you so much for the favourite c: You have some lovely drawings posted!
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your art is pretty they deserve the faves XD
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