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Ladykiller of the Seven Seas by mydeadlylover
Ladykiller of the Seven Seas
because we managed to make the soap opera morning-after type of lighting happen, hence the smooth and glowing maybe it's maybelline skin. haha! I'm waaaay to happy with this shot for my own good!

Character: Sinbad
Series: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Costume, props, makeup and wig styling by me
Chapter Three

Footsteps thundered down the hallway as Levi marched impatiently toward Luna’s room.  The man huffed as he reached the ornate double doors leading to the female’s chambers in the royal palace and did not even bother to knock as he pushed one door open and entered the room, where he was met with a squeal from one of the maids assigned to tend to Luna for the evening.  Levi turned to close the door behind him and took in the scene he walked into.

Luna was only wearing her bloomers, with a tight cream-colored corset around her torso, which was currently being laced when Levi entered.  Luna was already wearing white stockings which were kept up by clasps attached to the garters of her corset.  The squad leader was bent over a Cleopatra sofa with her hands holding on to the arm rest to keep her from moving as the maid tries to put on the lacing of her corset through its hoops.  Levi clicked his tongue and reached into his pocket for his watch to check the time for the umpteenth time that night.  Levi could never see the reason as to why this event has to happen in the first place, and he hated that he had to wait for his brat of a colleague to finish getting ready before he gets over the whole ordeal and turn in for the night.

It has been two weeks since Levi and Luna, accompanied by Erwin Smith, arrived at the capitol at Sina.  They were welcomed into the royal palace by the queen’s guards, and were told that they shall be meeting with the queen for lunch that same day.  The said lunch was spent with Luna, chatting away with Queen Reiss, or Historia as Luna called her, catching up with the latest news about each other.  The two got along pretty well even after it was revealed that Historia was part of the real royal family, and it was evident that the two had missed each other’s friendship.   Erwin and Levi kept quiet the whole time, until it was time to end the lunch meeting.  Erwin was the first to speak up, updating Historia about the preparations for Luna’s court presentation, as well as the restoration of the Castillo estate.  Historia only nodded in acknowledgement, and told one of the royal butlers to show Luna and Levi to their respective rooms in the palace, where they would be staying until the Castillo estate is fit for habitation again.

Luna soon discovered that the cleaning abilities of the maids from the palace were not up to Levi’s standards.  They went into Luna’s quarter first, as Levi insisted on helping her bring her things to the room in order to see if the place is clean enough.  The short corporal clicked his tongue as he set down the suitcases he carried for Luna and removed his jacket, hanging it inside the closet and instructing the squad leader to do the same so that they can start cleaning the filthy place up before she unpacks.  The squad leader did not protest as she knew that resisting will only result in her getting all the cleaning work for herself.  She was just grateful that Levi is actually helping her with the cleaning. After scrubbing, dusting, and polishing the whole room from top to bottom, Levi was finally satisfied with its cleanliness and left with a small ‘good job’ to Luna, and carried his own suitcases to his own quarters at the end of the hallway, probably to do the same level of cleaning to it as well.

The next few days after that was spent in the preparations for Luna’s court presentation.  Most of it was already arranged by the palace officers as Erwin had informed them, and the only things left was for Luna to get a dress for the occasion.  To Levi’s dismay, he also had to get himself a court uniform, seeing as he was delegated by Erwin to be Luna’s escort.  The man screamed at the tailors to get their filthy hands off him when they took their measurements, and refused to take part in it until they go and wash themselves.  Levi hated the new trend of people not taking baths every day, and would crinkle his nose at the strong perfume that the nobles used to cover up their smell, saying that the military men had more hygiene than the whole of Sina put together, and these tailors were no exception from his contempt for the people who chose to neglect their personal hygiene for the health benefits that some stupid person claimed to be true.  It was not until Luna stepped in, offering to take his measurements, that the tailors managed to get the corporal to comply and finally get his court uniform started, and Levi was actually impressed on how well the uniform fitted him during his final fitting.  It was a black full court uniform.  The waistcoat was made of black silk velvet, and trimmed with cut steel buttons, containing the wings of freedom insignia of the Survey Corps.  A black vest and a dress shirt with lace-trimmed cuffs were worn underneath, and finished with a ruffled cravat to the neck.  Hanging on his right shoulder was a green sash with white trimmings, and pinned to his left side with a ribbon from which a badge consisting of a grand cross bearing the Wings of Freedom in the middle, showing everyone who may see it that the man wearing it is a high-ranking officer in the Survey Corps.  Levi was also provided with a rapier, with an intricately-designed hilt to hang on his left side.

Levi crossed his arms as he stared at the female before him, who was still in her undergarments, getting her corset laced up by a jumpy maid.  The squad leader already had her hair and makeup done, with the crown in a poof, leaving her bangs and the rest of her long hair which was done in loose curls trailing down.  Luna wore a thin headband with gems dotting along it and finished at both ends with medium-sized silk flowers, decorated with small strings of pearls and thin ribbons.  Her makeup was done with a bit of kohl to emphasize her eyes, finished with what the corporal assumed was fake eyelashes.  A light dusting of blush was on her cheeks, and her lips were a light pink, instead of the usual red lipstick which the corporal hates a lot.  To finish it off, Luna wore a lace choker with gold trimmings along the edges and a large pearl at the middle.  Levi would never admit it, but he actually thought that Luna looked quite pretty with the way she looks now.  He was so used to her looking so rough and always ready for battle, with her Survey Corps uniform and 3D Maneuver Gear strapped to her harnesses.  Luna usually wore her light brown locks in a tight bun at the top of head and in all their years in the military, Levi never really saw her wear it down.  It was refreshing to actually see her dolled up, even just for the night.

Levi clicked his tongue again, quirking an eyebrow at the squad leader’s direction.
“And how long are you planning to stay in here wearing just your underwear?”  Luna did not flinch when the corporal walked into her wearing just her undergarments.  They had spent a long time in the military, sometimes sharing the showers during the crunch time before and after an expedition as well treating each other’s wounds in the battlefield, that they were pretty comfortable in standing in just their underwear in front of their brothers in arms.

“I’m sorry.  May here is just new, so she’s still figuring out how to lace up a corset.  It’s not like I can do it myself, you know.” Luna smiled, making her attending maid blush in embarrassment at the mention of her shortcoming.

“Tch, at this rate, your party would be over without you.  You!” Levi barked at the maid who jumped at the man’s glare.  “I’ll take over from here.  Go clean somewhere else.  You may go now.” And with that, the maid hurried to get out of the room, without even questioning why a male would be allowed to help Luna lace her corset and dress her up in general.   Levi walked over to Luna and started putting the ribbons of her corset through the loops with skilled fingers.  Luna hummed in interest.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were knowledgeable about doing this whole corset thing.”

“I saw nobles do this back when I was living underground.” Levi responded, as he began tightening the corset around Luna.  “Tell me how tight you want it to be.” The corporal said as he pulled the ribbons tighter.

“Ugh, I think that’s enough.  My breasts are already up to my neck!” Luna said, waving a hand, indicating that Levi should already stop pulling.  The corporal complied and began tying the ribbons securely at her back.  Once Levi was done, Luna stood up and walked over the floor-length mirror placed near her dresser, and observed herself while adjusting the corset around the breast area, surprised that such a thing could give her that much cleavage.

“Oi brat, where is your petticoat?” Levi asked, glaring at Luna who was still admiring herself in front of the mirror.

“Sorry, it’s by the bed.” Luna said and followed Levi to the bed.  Levi undid the ties of the heavy petticoat, and held the waistband open, nodding at Luna to have her step into it so he could pull it over to her waist and secure it there.  Luna did so, and Levi did the rest, tying the ribbon at the waistband and making sure that it would not fall off for the rest of the night.  He then walked over to the bed, and opened up the box containing Luna’s dress.

“I can’t believe I’ll be helping a brat like you dress up.  Erwin should be paying me extra.” Levi said, as he pulled the dress over Luna, and zipped it up at her back.  He then led her back to the floor length mirror and rearranged her hair back to its original form before the dress was pulled over her head.  Going the extra mile, Levi took the shoes which were set beside the mirror and went down on one knee, to help Luna wear them.
Luna admired her dressed up form in front of the mirror, noting how different she looked from her usual military getup.  Her dress was a floor-length Tudor gown made of off-white silk with white lace and gold trimmings.  Ribbons lined up vertically on the front panel of her bodice. The skirt was made of white silk which was embroidered in gold and finished off with white lace trimmings, and covered at the sides and back with the off-white material of the gown.  Her bell sleeves were also finished off with elaborate layers of white lace from the elbow up to her wrists.  White lace embroidered with silvery flowers lined her bodice up to her feet and was outlines with gold trimmings.  A dark blue sash with a red outline hung over her right shoulder, and pinned into her left side with a ribbon with a silver grand ross, bearing the insignia of the Survey Corps in the middle, signifying her position as a noble, and as a military woman.  She sighed, giving herself another once over, before walking over to Levi who already had the door of her room open.

“You should be leading me into the court.” Luna teased, feeling a bit more comfortable with herself, and also confident that Levi will be a bit more gentle with her now that she is wearing this heavy dress.  Levi only clicked his tongue, and offered Luna a hand, and led her to the holding area at the second floor, where they were instructed to go to after they were done with their preparations.

They were led to the double doors leading into the main ballroom of the palace.  Luna pressed her ear to the wooden surface to hear the faint sounds of the people at the party, while gripping onto Levi’s hand tightly.  Levi could feel the coldness of her palms through his white gloves.  She was that nervous.

“Shithead, stop holding my hand so tightly.  We’re not going on an expedition, what makes you so fucking nervous?” Levi said a bit too harshly which made Luna let go of his hand, and wipe it on her dress.  

“I’m just worried I would make a mess out of myself out there.  I don’t belong there.  I’m a soldier.  Not a fucking noble.” Luna said, fingering her curls nervously, as she gave Levi a side-glance to see if he was angry with her.  

One of the guards approached them, telling them that they will be called into the ballroom in a few minutes, and the squad leader took a deep breath and straightened her posture.  The Lance Corporal offered his hand to Luna, and she took it and gave him a small smile.  Levi squeezed her hand, as her presence was announced to the court.  The double doors were opened, bathing the squad leader and the corporal with the light from the ballroom.  Levi tugged lightly at Luna’s hand and led her into the grand ballroom.

All of the beautifully dressed nobles were lined at the side giving them a round of applause as Levi led Luna to the throne where Historia was sitting.  Luna could hear some whispers from the nobles commenting on how the both of them looked.   She smiled as she heard the people comment on how beautiful her dress was, and even more on how Humanity’s Strongest was actually a very handsome man.

A/N: Levi’s dress was inspired by THIS and Luna’s was based off Hizaki’s Curse of Virgo dress.  

Court Uniforms are used by military men as replacement for their usual military uniform when attending formal functions.  A great example of the use of Court Uniforms is Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.

A bit of research told me that in traditional court presentations or debuts, girls wore white gowns, which gave me a bit of a shock, then I realized that these parties were held so that society will know that the girl is ready for marriage.  You could probably say that it was a sneak peek on how they would look like wearing the white dress. Lol.  In my country, debutantes have more control over what design and color of gown they wear.  Heck, some even have a ton of outfit changes during the party, though it is usually the family who organizes these type of parties for their daughters, so none of that signing up and approving process in a formal debut.  

Sashes and badges.  These are for high ranking officials who were either issued an order from the royal court or holds high-ranking positions in the government/military.  Military women’s traditional court uniforms are boring in my opinion, and it is just not something that a girl should be wearing on her debut, so I opted for the sashes and badges.  I did not go into much research anymore regarding the relationship of the design of the sash and badge with the position that an individual holds, so I pretty much just assigned colors for Luna and Levi’s sashes.  Blue for Luna, since she technically holds a place in the royal court, and I have seen many royalties wearing blue sash, while green for Levi since that is the color of the military, or more specifically, the Survey Corps (This is based on the colors of the bolo ties worn by the commanding officers of each branch.  Erwin was wearing green.).

I decided to chop this chapter up into two parts, seeing that describing the clothes and all the formalities took a lot of space.  So, in the next chapter which I will be publishing shortly after this, we get to see the party, and a new development in Luna and Levi’s relationship.
[SnK - LevixOC] Affairs of the State - Chapter 3
Cosplay season is finally over, but I've been really really busy with work and it was only lately that I found the time to write this again.  This is me desperately trying not to abondon a fic again. :)

Chapter One
Chapter Two
High King of the Seven Seas by mydeadlylover
High King of the Seven Seas
Tried to shoot something just like this one:
<da:thumb id="482256782">

I guess the lighting is too harsh?   I liked the shot, though because i look somewhat thinner in it

Costume, photography and editing by me
Magi (c) Shinobu Ohtaka
Chapter Two

Erwin Smith arrived at the Survey Corps headquarters by carriage a month later, bringing with him the results of the blood comparison tests for Luna and Eduardo Castillo’s blood samples.  The brunette squad leader was helping out in cleaning the stables when the man arrived and he was welcomed to the base by Eren Jaeger, who took the former commander’s suitcase from his only remaining hand, and led the man inside to settle down on his room.   Whatever his business is in the HQ, he was not intending to stay long and chat, drink or tell stories about the old days.  Luna’s audience was then requested at Commander Zoe’s office a few hours after the blonde man’s arrival.

Luna was sitting in her own office, reading some reports when her summons came.  The Potato Girl came to her office announcing that Erwin Smith and Hage Zoe is requesting a meeting with her.  Luna nodded and stood up to go to the commander’s office, but not before asking the cadet to double her stable duties for stealing bread from the kitchens, and confiscating the said bread that the cadet tried so hard to conceal behind her.  After making a short side-trip to the kitchen to return the missing bread, Luna stopped in front of the commander’s office, straightening her uniform before knocking at the wooden door.  Hange’s voice was heard inside, giving the squad leader permission to enter.

“Tch, you’re late brat.” Levi greeted her as she made her way to the only spare chair in front of Hange’s desk.  Erwin was standing behind Hange, observing the sight at the training grounds, while Levi sat on Luna’s left side, his legs and were crossed and his arms were folded over his chest with his usual stoic expression on his face.  Luna wondered why the man was present in the room.  Has Hange told him about her theories regarding her past?

“I summoned Levi here as well since I believe he should be enlightened of the situation as well.” Erwin answered Luna’s unvoiced question, averting his gaze from the window and looking at the two people seated in front of the desk.

“So what is it that you needed to enlighten me about?” The corporal asked immediately, raising one thin eyebrow at Hange.  “This better be important.”

“I guess we should start by giving you a little background.  You are aware, of course, that we have been doing our own research and going through the files that were once kept secret by the Central MP.  Well, Erwin here came across this rather curious document about a noble family named ‘Castillo’.  They were ordered to be exterminated by the king thirteen years ago, and only their second child survived.” Hange explained, handing Levi the same set of documents that she has shown Luna a month ago.  

The short man scanned the document, stopping as well at the missing person photo at the end of the file.  He stared at it for some time with a slight hint of surprise graced his features before rearranging themselves back into his usual bored expression.  The corporal then lifted his gaze from the sketch to look at the squad leader sitting across him and looking back at Hange, who was waiting for his reaction.  

“Are you telling me that you have this fucked up theory that this midget here is this missing daughter of some pig sent to be slaughtered by the king?” Levi asked, cocking an eyebrow at the two superiors in front of him.

“You’re not even tall yourself.” Luna muttered under her breath.  It was true that she was shorter than the corporal by an inch or two, and no matter how much milk her father forced her to drink, she just did not grow any taller.  Her mother then blamed her shortness to her lifting heavy things around their shop when she was younger, even if she got scolded for doing so.

“I heard that.” The corporal snapped, making Luna flinch.

“It was actually, Erwin’s theory.  However, we cannot just believe that theory without solid evidence.  A month ago, I took Luna’s blood sample and sent it to Erwin in Sina.  There is this new technology there developed by the scientists which makes it possible to know if people are indeed related as a family.  Since the Central MP has kept blood samples of everyone they have targeted in a closed off laboratory, we were able to run the test between Luna and Eduardo Castillo’s blood sample.  Today, Erwin came with the results of the test.” Hange paused for a while, exchanging looks with Erwin, who merely nodded to urge the commander to continue.  Luna involuntarily clenched her fists resting on her lap, anticipating the news that she had unknowingly been eager to hear about as well.

“Luna, you are indeed Elizabeth Castillo.” Hange said as Luna stared the commander with her mouth slightly agape as she let the news of her real heritage sink in.  So the family she had spent most of her life with was not her family at all?  She was adopted? “Your mother was one of the last noble Oriental families as well which is probably why you are so short.” The commander added as an afterthought.  Luna was so absorbed with her thoughts that she did not notice the corporal studying her, the missing person sketch still in his hand.

“So what do I have to do with this?  She’s a noble.  Big fucking deal.  You did not summon me here just to hear about that, right?” Levi was the first to break the silence.

“Well, I have been busy these past few weeks making arrangements regarding this the moment that the test results have reached me.” It was Erwin’s turn to answer the questions as he walked to the other side of the table, resting his hand on Luna’s shoulder.  “I have informed the royal court that a member of the Castillo family is still alive, and the queen has ordered the crimes this family had committed against the former king to be pardoned.  Long story short, the Castillo family is recognized as a part of the royal court once again, which means that Luna here is now tasked with the duties that her family has taken before they were banished, and also the revival of the Castillo family.  I’m not asking you to get married immediately and start a family, though.  That could come much later when you have settled down in your new position, and when you find a man suitable for you.” Erwin smirked at Levi, making Hange stifle a giggle.  The squad leader and corporal however, did not notice this as both were intently listening to what the former commander had to say.

“For now, you shall be coming with me back to Sina.  The old Castillo manor is still being repaired with the funding from her royal highness, of course, so you will be staying at the castle for the mean time while we work on your papers for the transfer of rights of everything your family owned to you.  Oh, and because you are the daughter of a noble after all, you shall also be presented at court, though that is already many years too late since you’ve reached your legal age.  Levi, I assume that you already know why I am insisting on the revival of her family, correct?” Erwin turned to the short man who gave a sigh before nodding.

“This is all for your shitty plan on gathering more support for the Survey Corps.” the corporal answered in a bored tone.

“I am glad that you are catching my drift.” Erwin smiled.  “..which is why I am assigning Luna under your watch.  You shall be coming with us to Sina and you shall become her advisor.  Help her in any way you can; be her consort for formal functions, advise her on the decisions she has to take for her position.  I know you are the only one who can take on the job with the best interest of the Corps in mind.”

“I am not going to play butler to her!  Why don’t you do that instead?”

“Because I have my own job to attend to.  I know you’ll take pleasure in working her to the bone when you guys get started.”

“And what about the expeditions?”

“You and Luna can still take part in the expeditions aside from the job at the royal court.  Do not worry too much and consider this a change of pace from scolding the cadets every time their cleaning displeases you.  I for one know that the black tea in the palace is top notch compared to what they give us here in the kitchens.”  Levi perked up at the mention of tea, interest now evident on his features.

“Tch, alright.  But I’m riding back here if she ever pisses me off.” The short corporal then stood up and made his way to the door.

“Oi, brat.  Start packing.  We’re heading to fucking Sina to meet those pigs at the royal court.”  Levi said, looking over his shoulder to the brunette who was still sitting there in disbelief.


Two days had passed since that meeting.  Erwin decided to stay for a week in order for Levi and Luna to be able to gather all their things, and finish whatever remaining work they have before heading to Sina.  It was on that day that a messenger from the Military Police came, looking for Erwin Smith with a somewhat thick and formal-looking envelope with the seal of the palace in the cadet’s hand.  Luna and Levi were once again summoned into the commander’s office a few hours after the commander had locked herself with the blonde man to discuss the contents of the message.

Luna walked along the halls, wondering what it was now that the commanders want with her.  After the last meeting, a trip to the commander’s office was not the most pleasant experience for her anymore, knowing that it could be another one of those discussing her true heritage.  What was she about to find out now?  That she was actually related to those Orientals who built the huge wall that can be seen from the moon?  She has read about it in the library once, when she got curious about the history of Orientals, and now that she knows that she was actually part-Oriental, it’s not a very far-off possibility anymore.

Luna stopped in her tracks when she saw the Lance Corporal leaning on the wall next to Hange’s office.  Levi glanced in her direction upon hearing her footseps, the same bored expression he always wore, plastered on his face.  

“You were called in too, Corporal?” Luna asked, though she already knew the answer to her question.

“No, I want to shit.  That’s why I’m outside shitty-glasses’ office.  Now let’s go.” Levi said, knocking on the wooden door, and opening it, motioning for Luna to enter before him.
Just like two days ago, Hange was seated behind her desk, stacks of paper arranged haphazardly on either side, and Erwin was standing behind her, gazing at the training field through the window.  The furrow on the blonde man’s brow, and the wavering of Hange’s voice as she told the two to take the seats in front of the desk told Luna that something was definitely up.  A part of her was hoping that there was a mess-up and that she was not actually Elizabeth Castillo and that she could return to being just Squad Leader Luna Metzger and forget about the whole situation, but she also knew that this was impossible as she was sure that the former commander would have had the results of her test double even triple checked before coming here and collecting her.

“We just received some news from Sina, particularly, the royal court.” Hange started, the glint of light in her glasses not giving away the look of worry in her eyes.  “They have apparently been reviewing past cases when long-gone noble clans were revived by their remaining descendants, and there is one little thing that they require of us so that the Castillo family can be recognized as a clan again.  You see, since Luna is female and the last surviving member of the clan, they need an assurance that she can indeed revive this clan.”

“So are you saying we have to prove that this brat here is fertile or something?  I’m pretty sure I saw her washing bloody undergarment last week.  Isn’t that proof enough?” Levi asked in his monotone voice, making Luna flustered at the thought of a man seeing her wash her undergarments stained with her monthly blood.

“No, Levi.  And why are you even watching her wash her… her underwear?” Hange stammered.  Levi just shrugged and waited for the commander to continue.  Hange cleared her throat and sat up straighter in her seat before proceeding.  “What they need is for Luna to get married at least a month from now.”  The brunette squad leader brought a hand to cover her mouth.  She never thought that things would turn out this way.  Didn’t Erwin assure her that she can marry later when she’s found the man that she likes?

“I – I’m sorry.  But didn’t you tell me before that I can marry and revive the clan when I see fit?” Luna’s voice was shaking, but she spoke up to find some reason in this.

“That was an error in my part and I’m very, very sorry about that.  I overlooked the fact that there may be a different case for female survivors.” Erwin explained with sincerity in his voice, and his brow furrowed, showing his concern as to how the squad leader will take the news.

“B-but I can’t just marry anybody.  Th-there’s practically no man I’ve ever interacted with outside of the military!” Luna stuttered as she explained the predicament she’s in.

“What we have in mind is to have you married to someone from the military.  It’s much easier to get together with someone you’ve been around a lot, isn’t it?” Hange answered.  She continued with her explanation before the brunette in front of her can open her mouth again to protest.  “You can then separate after a year.  That should be enough time for you to settle down in the royal court.  Erwin says here that it’s perfectly legal.  You can then just remarry with someone you prefer after.” Hange then reached out to the squad leader, holder her hands in hers and looking straight at Luna’s brown orbs, the commander’s eyes begging for her to understand.

“Will you do this for us, Luna?  I’m so sorry, but you know that this is for everybody’s best interests, right?  Can you just suck it up for a year?  I promise I’d set you up in as many dates as I can after all of it is over.”

Luna averted her gaze from the commander who was still holding her hands and mulled things over.  It was true that she did not go on dates or gotten romantically involved with anybody during the whole time she’s been in the military.  In all honesty, she was starting to doubt that she will ever be married seeing as nobody has ever made any advances on her in that sort of manner in her twenty-five years of life.  Little did she know that people did pay attention to her, and a lot of men found her attractive, but she was too focused in honing her skills as a soldier, and way too naïve to notice the advances the men made on her and she passed them off as friendly gestures, because that’s what they were all supposed to be in the military, anyway: brothers in arms.  Her promotion as squad leader did not help as the men found it too intimidating to confess to their superior.

Luna thought about the matter for a few minutes, while everybody awaited her response, the silence only interrupted by Levi shifting in his chair, muttering something about Luna being a slow decision-maker.  Finally, Luna lifted her gaze to meet Hange’s and nodded her head, muttering a small ‘okay’ in the process.  The two commanders visibly sighed in relief at Luna’s decision, both exchanging a small glance and a tiny smile of relief.

“Now, let’s discuss the matter of who you are going to marry.  Do you have anybody in mind?  Eren would probably be a good match for you.  He likes you a lot and I think you both go along well –”

“She’s not marrying Jaeger!” Levi spat out before Hange can continue her musings, catching everyone in the room off-guard.  Luna stared at the man sitting beside her, eyes wide in wonder as to what the raven-haired man had in mind.

“Then, do you have anybody in mind?” Erwin asked, a small and knowing smile playing in his features, which was only noticed by the smaller man who in turn, gave him a piercing glare.

“I’ll do it.” Levi stated, making Luna do a double-take.


“You deaf or something?  I said I’ll do it.  Saves Erwin his damn funds as well since he’ll not worry about sending another brat with you to Sina.  And besides, he wants me to keep a close eye on you through this shit he’s putting you through.  I think ‘husband’ is as close as I can get on keeping watch over you.” Levi leaned against his chair as he spoke matter-of-factly, folding his arms across his chest and raising an eyebrow, as if daring anybody else to contest his idea.

“I see.  Very well.” The blonde man nodded.  “The wedding shall be arranged as soon as we get Luna presented in court.  Is that alright with you, Luna?” Erwin nodded into Luna’s direction, as the Squad Leader avoided everybody’s gaze and stared into her hands resting on her legs.

“I-if you say so, commander.”


“Y-yes, Erwin.” Luna stammered, the feeling of being in first name terms with her former commander new to her.  The blonde man smiled at the two, and dismissed them.

Hange sighed as she heard the retreating footsteps of her two subordinates fade away, taking off her glasses and setting it down as she rubbed her eyes with her free hand.  The former commander faced Hange and placed a comforting hand on his successor, his eyes showing understanding of what the female was going through.

“You okay?”

“I should be.” Was the reply of the brunette.  She was usually very talkative especially when it comes to her titan research, but after the recent string of events, Hange found herself speechless for the first time in many years.

“You’re usually full of words.”  Erwin pointed out, resuming his idle watch on the training fields through the window of Hange’s office.  “No one can hear us right now.  Talking would do you good.”

“You know that biting feeling telling me that it should have been me?” Hange leaned back on her chair, not bothering to wear her glasses back on as she closed her eyes briefly, collecting her feelings before opening her mouth once again to talk.  

“I know it has been years already.  It was not anyone’s fault that nothing happened between us.  We  - Levi and I – we just knew that there are far more important things than getting into a romantic relationship with your comrade.  If you think about it, we could have been an ideal pair, right?  He knows what my quirks are, and I tolerate and understand that potty mouth of his.  Heck, he even gives the extra effort of making sure that I am actually properly bathed before important meetings.  Then one day, the spark that was there was not there anymore.  I saw him glancing at her more often than before when she was just a cadet.  Did you hear him earlier?  He even watches her wash her underwear.  What a creep!” Hange chuckled, before turning to Erwin’s general direction, her blurred vision from the loss of her glasses, making it impossible for her to actually know where the blonde man is.

“But Levi being who he is, I’m sure he has not yet realized or acknowledged his feelings for Luna.  Him volunteering himself for Luna’s husband was probably just his defensive impulse because Shorty is far too possessive to let anyone, especially Eren lay a hand on what he has already marked in his mind as his.” Hange heaved a great sigh then picked up her glasses putting them back on “You’re right, Erwin.  Talking did make me feel better.”  She offered her former commander a sincere smile.

“Are you sure that you’re alright, though?” The blonde commander asked once again.

“I’ve already moved on, Erwin.  It’s been years ago, after all.  I’m sure this is for the better.” Hange gave a genuine smile, assuring Erwin that he has nothing to worry about.


“Oi, Luna.” The corporal called after Luna as they exited the commander’s office.

“Yes?” The squad leader turned to face Levi.

“Just so you know.  There’s nothing to this arrangement, got it?  I’m only doing this because Erwin and shitty-glasses needs you to get them funding from those pigs in fucking Sina, and the only way is for you to revive your damn clan.” Levi said, raising an eyebrow at her, waiting for her confirmation that she understood.

Luna was surprised that the corporal felt the need to explain himself to her.  Was he expecting her to read too much into the situation and assume that he actually harbors feelings for her?  Nonetheless, Luna nodded, and gave her confirmation to the corporal.

“Of course, I understand that, corporal.”  Her superior then extended a hand and flicked her on her forehead, causing the spot to redden, and Luna brought a hand up to rub at the area, hissing at the man before her.

“Call me Levi.  It would be weird if we’re engaged and shit and we still call each other by our titles.”  

Fine.”   Luna grumbled.  Levi then turned around and walked off to the opposite direction as Luna glared at his retreating form.


A/N:  This was longer than I had predicted, because I had to make several edits to make it more cohesive with how royal courts would really work.  

First off, a maiden who is presented at court is a symbol that she is now open for suitors who will then in turn ask her hand for marriage.  Now, since Luna is the only living person in her clan, she would then therefore have to give her hand in marriage to someone soon enough so that her family can be recognized by the royal court once again.  Think of this as something like that law they had in Princess Diaries 2 where the princess has to marry someone to be able to assume the position of queen.

Second, is the implied LeviHan.  I was actually debating a lot on whether to put it there or not but in the end, I inserted that little internal drama that Hange had upon hearing Levi offer himself up to be Luna’s mock husband.  I’m breaking an almost canon pairing after all (let’s not talk about what Erwin feels, though because in my eyes, it’s still the one true canon pairing among the elites and I’d like to think that he’s Levi’s secret affair throughout the marriage that is about to happen xD).  Hange, knowing Levi all too well, knows that the man is in love even before Levi himself knows this and being the very empathic person that Hange is, she gives up because she knows that her love will be happy being with the person he has his eyes on now.
[SnK - LevixOC] Affairs of the State - Chapter Two
I forgot to post this last week, sorry!  Chapter 3 is in the works, but it's taking a little bit slowly due to all the preparations for Cosplay Mania, where I managed to be part of the finals of the Cosplay Solo Showdown (wish me luck)!  Anyway, this shall be my last con for this year and then I'd probably have more time to write after the cosplay season is over for me :)  Anyway, enjoy!


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