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Blessed by the Rukh by mydeadlylover
Blessed by the Rukh
"That a person with such power was born, it only happens once every thousand years. You could even call it a miracle. A child of miracles with such great power, his name is Sinbad. This child will become the King of the Seven Seas."

Character: Sinbad (postcard/back cover ver.)
CN: Aya Garcia
Photo: Regine Cruz
Rukh Brush by MiyukiKurame 

Title: The Day I (Finally) Meet The Corporal
Genre: Romance(?)/Angst(?)/AU
Rating: K+ to be safe
Characters: Female Reader and the lance corporal we all love

Notes: Based off an old fanfic of mine.  This is told from the reader’s point of view.

He pulled me out of the limousine as soon as it took its stop in front of the hotel, slightly laughing as I trip on the hem of my wedding gown.  He's got the same look of impatience and determination on his face just like the day when he caught up on me at the airport.  You see, we never really started as smooth as everyone thought we did.  There were lots of bumps in our not so perfect relationship and we're not ashamed to admit that.

Levi Ackerman,  the hottest superstar in the country.  Looked up by many for his amazing talent in singing and lusted for by the ladies because of his oozing sex appeal.  I was once an admirer too who contented herself on watching from afar.  I have always believed that someone like him deserved a person who shines as bright as the stars like him.  And I was not one of those ladies.  I was just a simple lady who works as an editor in Legion Publishing, a publisher of weekly and monthly magazines.  Our top magazine was The Wall, which was a monthly publication that tackles hottest current affairs from a wide range of topics such as politics, sciences and show business.  I have been blessed to work for this magazine right after my internship.  I was no one special and I resolved myself to believe in that.

Levi and I met when I was given the task of interviewing him for the magazine’s special feature on his upcoming movie, Crimson Arrow, where he plays the role of a soldier who was part of an uprising against the government.  The interview was held at the studio where the film set was located.  It was my first time seeing the guy in person and by god; he really deserved the title of Mister Perfect.  I cannot put into words whatever beauty I saw that day, for I might speak in prose or poetry and that does not suit somebody like me.  After the feature I worked on got published, to numerous positive responses from our readers, the guy asked me out on a date.  Nervousness, mixed with lots of other different emotions swirled inside of me, happiness being one of the more dominant ones in them.  I would have never dreamed for this short, and somewhat intimidating actor to ask me out like this.  Oh, did I say I was nervous?

I never told anyone that I was going to date a superstar that night.  Who would ever believe that a serious editor like me would ever get a chance on having some 'alone' time with him.  Nobody even in their worst nightmares would ever think that it could be possible and telling anybody, even my closest friends might earn me weird looks and not-so-nice remarks.  And besides, I was having doubts that the guy would ever appear on our date.  Luckily, Levi was man enough to not go back on his words and the date proceeded without anything going wrong except for one thing.  The guy acted so bored and indifferent.  Sure talked about his career, his newest project, whatever stuff he had gone through, but only after I have exhausted all my information-gathering skills on him.  As the night progressed, the date felt more and more like an interview.  It was so one-sided, and I only learned things about him that could probably be found if I search the internet long enough, while I was not even able to speak anything about myself.  He acted like he does not care about the date, or that he would want to be somewhere else instead of the fancy restaurant he booked for us.  This got me thinking that he probably just asked me out of courtesy.  I did get a few invitations to go out from some actors after a successful article got published, but those were just for coffee or a dinner with other actors and not something as fancy as this.  I got a little depressed by the time I took the taxi home, thinking that he probably regrets asking somebody as boring as me out for dinner.

I actually believed that he would never pay me attention outside of work again after our fiasco of a date, which is why I was shocked when he just showed up at our office one day after work, took me out for a drive and formally asked me to go out with him.  It was a pleasant thing going out with Levi.  He can prove to be romantic at times but of sometimes, goes over the top of whatever is normal for other couples.  I also had the chance that his other fans would kill to have.  I got to visit his house.  It was a very nice place that reminded me of medieval castles that I see on story books.  As I have learned, he likes to keep things clean and orderly and it reflected on his living space.  There was never a magazine out of place, or any speck of dust to be seen anywhere.  One thing that was missing in our relationship, however, was the sexual part.  I have always stressed that I believed in old-fashioned courtship and Levi told me that he understands and respects my decision.  Coming from a guy like him who was very open about his 'bedtime' adventures, and who smirks whenever hosts point at his crotch and shout 'corporal', it was totally unexpected.  I would have thought that he won't last the relationship without his much-needed daily dose of sexercise.  It was months later that I found out why he lasted his supposed period of celibacy.

I went back to his house that day because I left my planner, which contained my interview schedules for that month.  My life, and not to mention my job and salary, depended on it.  The extra pair of shoes - ladies shoes at that - told me something was amiss, and his cat’s presence at the living room told me everything I needed to know.  The annoying fur ball never liked noise.  That's why he tries to keep away from them.  As I neared Levi's bedroom, I did hear what his pet was so annoyed about.  Besides the normal noise from the air conditioning, I heard grunts, moans and pants coming from not only one person.  Peeking inside and not even bothering to hide myself, I confirmed the situation.

Wasn't that the girl from that variety show?

Surprisingly, I did not cry.  I just stood there and listened to whatever he's got to say and nothing seems to be penetrating my mind.  I'm used to that sensation as well.  I've encountered that several times during university when I try to listen to my professors at seven in the morning with barely two hours of sleep.  After his mini-speech about ending our pointless relationship, I turned on my heel and left the house never to return again.  It would have hurt so much had I not known that he was also the biggest player in show business.  I have already readied myself for the day that I will find out about his 'extra' activities.  With a girl like me as a companion, he would surely get bored eventually.  I have already prepared myself with the notion that he's the kind of person nobody can keep for themselves.  Clearly, a change in career plans was in order.  I can't stay in an industry where I might be at the blacklist of every Levi fan, once news of what had been our relationship went out.  No, I don't want that.  All I ever wanted was to be a really good in my job, and things like this were not part of my grand plan.

Luckily, I got a job in another country.  I was to head a technological magazine, which was not really my expertise, but it was something new and would get me as far away from Levi as possible. As soon as I received confirmation of my acceptance from the company, I left my job at The Wall and prepared to move out of my old apartment as soon as possible.  However, the bastard had too many sources I would have thought that he's got the whole of the police force backing him up.  I tried my best to hide myself until my time of departure.  I really did.  I left the house I was renting and stayed at friends' apartments.  He never found me during that period.  Not until I stepped at the airport.

I was about to board the plane when somebody grabbed my arm from behind.  I outbalanced because of the force and strong arms caught me right before I hit the ground.  Before I knew it, I was staring into stormy grey eyes.  I was staring straight at the eyes of the person whom I found just a month or so ago with another woman on his bed.  I quickly straightened myself up and politely thanked him for catching me and proceeded to walk to the boarding area.  However, I was once again yanked by the arm and this time I was ready for it.   I spun around and demanded that he explain himself, telling him that if he wanted my arm then he can take it and let me go on my merry way.  He looked shocked at the fact that I was leaving.  He demanded that I explain why I was leaving.

Well, hello, mister superstar.  You finally landed on planet earth.  We are currently in the twenty-first century and several things have happened ever since perfect demigods like you have ceased to exist.  Currently, the girl you are talking to had her heart broken by none other than the super wonderful I-don’t-really-care-about-anyone you.  And now you're asking this damsel in distress turned ninja why she's leaving your home turf?  Oh, that’s simple.  The other ninjas wanted a piece of her and she's too stubborn to give them the satisfaction of ruining her life.  And you are included in that list, oh mighty one.  Now let her be and go find another geisha to satisfy your manly needs.

I was crying at that point.  I promised myself never to cry over him.  He's probably already had more tears shed because of him than what I can give.  He's probably broken more hearts than I can count with the multitude of women he's already had on his list.  I repeatedly told myself that I deserved better than being hurt by somebody who is so good at it.

But, all thoughts were cut when I was trapped in an embrace that reeks of Chanel's Platinum Egoiste, lemon oil, and black tea.  I don't know how he did it but he managed to convince me to stay.  He dragged the crying mess that I was out of the airport, tossed my luggage in the trunk of one of his beloved American cars and drove me to his house.  Months later, news about us going out had spread to the general public and everyone accepted it without any hard feelings.  Just when I was all geared up and prepared to take as many hate mails and prank calls I could get.  Bummer.  Maybe the fangs really wanted their beloved Levi to finally settle down?

A few months later and the guy proposed to me on national television after I was asked by the host whether or not I have seen 'Corporal' or not.  That was quite the timing, really.  People may think that he's just marrying me just so I can see whatever that 'Corporal' is.  He's really sweet....not!  And proposing on national television?  What was he thinking?  The guy really wants to go above the norms on whatever he does.  Can't he even be normal even for once?

The wedding was a small affair between our families and our closest friends.  But even so, it was quite a feat because we had to move the heavens and earth just to bring everyone together.  With my family and several of our friends overseas, it was such a tiring task to inform every one of our big day.  The media wasn't helping much either.  They wanted every detail of the wedding and we were simply refusing on giving them the information they needed.  How can the wedding be private when the whole world already knows the details even before the news reached the ears of our guests?

I almost became a runaway bride today, you know.  I was sitting in front of the mirror wearing my wedding gown which was made by one of his designer friends and was staring at my form at the mirror.  Reality check: Am I or am I not going to marry the country’s greatest playboy today or not.  I almost ran away with the thought that he had already cheated on me before.  Who knew if it was never going to happen again, right?  And old habits die hard, right?  I was about to run away to God-knows-where when I found the doors of my dressing room barricaded with his best men, Erwin and Mike, as well as his ever reliable bodyguards.  When asked why they were blocking my way, they only said that they were acting upon Levi's instructions.  Oh, gee, I really appreciate that, darling.  Such a sweet man you are locking your bride in a room minutes before your wedding.

The rest of the wedding went smoothly aside from drunken men kissing each other during the reception.  I even resisted the urge to throw my shoe at Erwin when he started flirting with my husband.  See?  I was behaving myself just for our special day (and of course I'd be returning to normal the morning after).  

Finally, after everyone had bidden us goodbye with several naughty side-comments by the boys, we now find ourselves in the situation very much like the time when he almost pulled my arm off at the airport.  After regaining my composure and scolding him for dragging me like a rag doll when I'm currently wearing killer heels, he picked me up bridal style (finally!), and carried me up the hotel room we had reserved.  Upon opening the room I found out that even in our honeymoon, he still went over the top.  He can never be like normal grooms now, can he?  Closing the door, locking it and carrying me to the king-sized bed with a very mischievous, naughty, whatever you may call it smirk plastered on his handsome face told me that today, or rather, tonight is the night that I will finally meet the 'Corporal' everyone is talking about.

*Corporal - (noun) what makes Levi an intimidating person.  Not a position in the military.


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A pessimist and a perfectionist. Unpredictable and sensitive. I love visual kei but I dress simple. I'm a masochist and a damn hypocrite. Yeah, that's Aya and that's who I am.


Current Residence: Philippines
Favourite genre of music: Alternative pop Rock, RnB, J-pop, J-rock
Favourite style of art: makeup... it's an art, right? ahaha. and nail art. traditional sketching/realism, digital art
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Enma Ai, Hatake Kakashi, Isabella (Paradise Kiss), Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara)
Personal Quote: the best way not to get hurt is to pretend like you just don't care
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apparently, I got the 5th place... but sadly, that doesn't get any prizes for me but I guess it's better than losing with only 1% of the votes. XD

thanks to everyone who voted.  Aishiteru yo, maji de
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